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{The BEST Modded Experience}

Paranoid brings together seasoned admins with nearly 100% customised mods to streamline a smoother gaming experience with less lag. Have confidence in the fact that our Staff know what they're doing to make your game time the best it possibly can be.



Paranoid began as a side project and swiftly became our primary focus.
Zergs and powerful clans are an issue which Solo/Duo/Trio handles perfectly.
Our server is custom tailored to stop them in their tracks.

The Server

We pay for the best when it comes to Hardware, Mods, and Protection. You don't have to worry about that salty hacker trying to take down the server with his $2 booter

The Mods

We have 99% custom mods on our server, enabling us to give you access to unique features and unrivalled performance

Rules & Staff

Our staff will do their best to help you have the best experience possible on our server, but this will not enable you to break or bend our rules, our punishments are usually limited to one, permanent ban. Please use /rules in game.

Community Video

Gods of Salt is the idea of a community where anyone from anywhere can come to be a part of something bigger, it is more than just servers. Come visit us to find out more

our people


Gods of Salt unites many talented people from different countries.
Our team has thousands of hours combined experience on Rust.


Server Owner

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short instruction

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Download the client from Discord.


Install the app on your hard drive.


Click the play button to join Discord!.

You can use Discord in your web browser! Just click join and sign up!

frequently asked questions


If you have any questions about our server probably you can find an answer in this section. We try update this section frequently.

Zergs suck. Seriously, nobody likes going on a server, facing a group of 10+ and getting owned. Solo/Duo/Trio is a max limit of 3 players in any clan or conflict per team.

Mondays and Fridays! If its force wipe (First Thursday of the month) its on the update,
after that its every Monday and Friday at 00:00 Local Time (France / New York)
No, never, we choose admins by them wanting to leave the playing side of the game for something more, if they are ever found playing on our server they will be stripped of their title and banned.


keep in touch

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Don't hesitate to contact us. If you have any questions about Paranoid